I’ve worked in the beauty industry for almost ten years, and have had many opportunities to interact and network with different leaders in the industry. This past Sunday, I was invited to a blogger luncheon hosted at the gorgeous Boca Raton estate of Inger Ellen Nicolaisen, founder of the most profitable hair salon chain in the world, Nikita Hair, which started with a single hair salon in Norway. Together with her daughter Christinah, they have grown Nikita Hair into a company that has a strong spirit and passionate culture.

When approaching her stunning home, I was greeted by Inger herself, who flung the front door open and shouted enthusiastically across the driveway. I could immediately see and feel Inger’s intoxicating energy.

I met a few of the fellow bloggers upon arrival, and we snapped some photos in front of the step and repeat before heading to take our seats in her media room. Inger began sharing her story, and telling us about the birth of the Nikita Hair brand. As I mentioned, I have heard presentations from many entrepreneurs and speakers (both in the beauty industry and out), and Inger is like no other. Her charisma and humor is something that cannot be taught or learned. From the minute we sat down, she had the entire group of bloggers (and her own team) hysterically laughing. She threaded her spunky personality throughout her incredible story of leaving home in Norway at the age of 13 to start working for herself, and then eventually starting Nikita Hair and turning it into the industry giant that it is today. Her entrepreneurial personality and inspirational devotion to hard work and persistence were words that stayed engrained with me through the rest of the afternoon, and still sit with me today. I can see why her team is so devoted to her and the company – she’s a true mentor and leader.

After our time in the media room, we were treated to a beautiful and delicious spread of food that her children made. Inger has such a love for children and helping people, that after having four of her own children, she adopted a total of ten more and now has 14 children who either live in her Boca home or in Norway, as she travels back and forth often. Let me tell you, the food they prepared for us was more delicious than many hosted catering lunches I have had.

After mingling and noshing, we were surprised with news that a white stretch limo was picking us up to take us to the Nikita Hair salon in Boca, which is the first U.S. location for the brand. Inger has plans to grow the U.S. presence of Nikita Hair salons (she shared with us that there were 43,000 zip codes in the U.S., and that the growth into those zip codes is what currently keeps her motivated on a daily basis). We somehow managed to fit about 19 or 20 bloggers into the limo, and we had a blast during the ride over to the salon.

The salon is bright and airy, with such a clean and fresh aesthetic. It was beautifully merchandised with Eleni & Chris, the product line created by Inger and her daughter Christinah, which uses the finest and purest Scandinavian ingredients. Two of the leading salon stylists, Claude and Marisa, had styled a few demo models beforehand, so we also got to take a peek at some of their work. The salon is currently offering specials which  include a $39 blow dry, and a promotion for a complimentary travel size hair care item with the purchase of any two products.

Inger with Marisa and Claude, the leading stylists at the Boca Raton Nikita Hair salon / Inger with her son, Mike, who also works in the family business at Nikita Hair.

The afternoon ended with a sweet branded treat and a signature goodie bag filled with Eleni & Chris products, including their best-selling Hydrating Face Mist.

 If you’re in the South Florida area, I recommend making an appointment to enjoy a service and see the beautiful Nikita Hair salon. They are located at 193 E. Palmetto Park Road,  Boca Raton, FL and you can call 561-362-7102.

Thanks for the fun afternoon, Nikita!

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