Mitsubishi Lancer


If you live in LA, have visited LA, or even heard rumors about all of the traffic in LA, you know that it’s definitely a city where you need a car. Uber or Lyft will work to head out to dinner or drinks locally, but if you truly want to explore all of the different areas and neighborhoods (which you absolutely should), then renting a car is a must when you visit. I was lucky enough to work with Mitsubishi for our LA trip, where I was loaned the new 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer LE (black on black – so chic) to travel around town. Not only did we take this bad boy all around LA, but we took a smooth and scenic drive to Camarillo Ranch for a wedding we were attending, and then detoured down to Malibu the next day, on our way back from LA. I don’t rent…