Med Spas Miami


So, I’m 30. Yep, it happened, and on December 5, 2017 I have entered my third decade of life. Scary things are supposed to happen now, right? Wrinkles, pressure to have babies, officially being more of an adult than I felt I was in my late-twenties? Luckily, Dermalaser here in Miami is helping me embrace entering my 30’s – at least when it comes to my skin. They focus on laser treatments, body treatments, skin care and injectables and I sat with the owner, Marisol, to consult about my skin needs before deciding what treatments were best for me. Marisol is one of the most knowledgable skincare experts I have ever spoken with. She gave me some incredible insight into what many spas do wrong and why it’s so important to understand what machines they are using and what exact processes they are using during your treatments. She advised that some medspas use non-FDA…