Inger Ellen


I’ve worked in the beauty industry for almost ten years, and have had many opportunities to interact and network with different leaders in the industry. This past Sunday, I was invited to a blogger luncheon hosted at the gorgeous Boca Raton estate of Inger Ellen Nicolaisen, founder of the most profitable hair salon chain in the world, Nikita Hair, which started with a single hair salon in Norway. Together with her daughter Christinah, they have grown Nikita Hair into a company that has a strong spirit and passionate culture. When approaching her stunning home, I was greeted by Inger herself, who flung the front door open and shouted enthusiastically across the driveway. I could immediately see and feel Inger’s intoxicating energy. I met a few of the fellow bloggers upon arrival, and we snapped some photos in front of the step and repeat before heading to take our seats in her media room. Inger began sharing her…