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What I love so much about Los Angeles is the accommodating food choices that fit my healthy lifestyle. It’s never a question as to whether or not a coffee shop has dairy milk alternatives or treats with non-refined sugar. It’s so easy to find fresh, good-for-you food, which is what I am all about (of course, with the occasional indulgent treat!). My friend and I had crafted a list of coffee shops and restaurants ahead of time, and we were able to successfully visit a lot of the places we were excited about. Of course, there are so many more I want to visit, which just means another trip to LA in my future! Here are some of the highlights of my food adventures… After our long flight, we definitely needed some caffeine and a snack before our bike ride along Hermosa/Manhattan Beach. We Yelped to find the closest cute coffee…

Food and fashion – two beautiful things. Both have beautiful colors, textures, and are true art. So, I’ve paired up some delicious recipes that I’ve stumbled upon, with some perfectly paired dresses! LEMON CAKE COFFEE CAKE (DONUTS) HOT CHOCOLATE LAYER CAKE FRESH STRAWBERRY CAKE