I still haven’t caught up on the rest of my Europe photos from my trip at the end of May, but I’m officially back in Europe – living in Barcelona for the next 2 months! I’ve started to settle in over the past few days, and being here has just reminded me how much I fell in love with this city when I was here for only 2 short days (more about that in this post).

I have so many sights, bars, and restaurants on my list to make it to while I’m here, and I also plan on attending a couple of Language Exchange events each week to continue practicing and improving my conversational Spanish. If you haven’t heard of Language Exchanges, they are social events where people from all over the world meet up to socialize and practice the language they want to learn. I attended two different meetup events the last two nights, and I really enjoyed them! They are so great for practicing language and just socializing with other people living here. I already exchanged phone numbers with a couple of people I met, so we can continue to hang out in Barcelona while I’m here.

Below are some photos of Las Ramblas near where I’m staying – one of my favorite parts about this city are the Las Ramblas (center strips in between the streets where restaurants have tables and chairs set up). It makes for such a great energy throughout the city.






This used to be a hospital (Sant Pau), but now serves as an architectural/historical site!


Stay tuned for more of my Barcelona adventures!

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