In honor of the Four Seasons’ National Spa Week, they invited a select group of social media influencers to some of their nationwide resorts to enjoy a spa day!  Being based in South Florida, I was invited to the Four Seasons Palm Beach resort to indulge in their Spa and Beach Retreat package.  I was advised to choose two spa treatments, which would also include access to their amazing spa facilities, the beach, and lunch at The Ocean Bistro, and they also allowed me to bring a guest to enjoy one treatment and join me for lunch (I chose to bring my mom!) 🙂

The entry to the spa, along with the giant lobby, was gorgeous – with lots of fun products and decor to peruse.

We were greeted by Michael, the Spa Director, and were asked to choose one of the four scented oil combinations that would be used four our respective massages, and we both chose “Relaxation” which used lavender and chamomile.  

They also had several organic juices available, we were both poured a glass of the juice that complimented our choice of lavender and chamomile massage oil.

Everything from the locker rooms to treatment rooms were absolutely impeccable. 
Below (left) is the Treatment Waiting Room, where you can relax and wait for your therapist to come and get you to escort you to your treatment.  There were some fresh, great flavored iced teas in giant dispensers, including an amazing Asian Pear Iced Tea.  Below (right) is the Ladies Relaxation Room, where you can relax before, after, or in between treatments.  This room is more calm than the waiting room, and you can spend time reading, napping, and just relaxing in some peace and quiet.  They also had hot teas in a variety of flavors and tea-related condiments and snacks available.


My first treatment was the Amala Restoring Mud Wrap – a 50 minute treatment.  I’ve never gotten a mud wrap before, so I was really excited! I walked into the treatment room to see this (and this picture doesn’t do the room justice):

When it was time to start, the amazing massage therapist, Ruth, laid a large towel on top of the foil, and stepped out of the room while I got undressed and slipped underneath the towel (laying directly on the foil).  She used a dry, rough loofa, and exfoliated my body section by section, ensuring to get rid of any dry skin.  Although it might sound like it hurts, it actually felt good, and the ambiance is just so relaxing that you feel soothed no matter what.  

After the exfoliation, Ruth applied the pale pink clay (Ruth told me it was the Amala Detoxifying Body Cleanse), which felt more like a warm, rich body butter.  She massaged it in, section by section as I drifted off into full-on relaxation mode. Then she wrapped me up in the foil (which surprisingly was not claustrophobic feeling!) and while I was wrapped up, she gave me an incredible scalp and head massage.  After the massage, Ruth slipped out of the room again, while I showered to rinse off the clay wrap in the private shower that my treatment room had.  After my shower, I got back under the new towel that was laid out for me on the table, and then got the Amala Detox Body Butter massaged into my skin, section by section.

This treatment was so heavenly – I was able to totally relax while getting exfoliated, detoxified, and moisturized!

My next treatment was the Ocean Bliss Massage.  My mom also chose this as her treatment, so we got our massages in the huge couples massage room.  The lovely Ruth also gave me my massage.  The therapists used the personally blended organic essential oils that we chose when you arrive, and they combine a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish and deep tissue.  The massage was amazing, and we were able to have an extra 25 minutes in the treatment suite after our massage, so that we could each take a steam shower.  We each got a salt scrub, and peppermint body masque to use in our steam showers.  The Four Seasons’ Palm Beach signature scent is Rosemary Mint – their hand soaps, body wash, shampoos and conditioners all sported the same delicious fragrance.  

As part of the Beach and Spa Retreat Package, we also received lunch at the Four Seasons Palm Beach’s restaurant, The Ocean Bistro.  We chose to sit outside, and indulged in a yummy lunch.  Check out my gi-normous turkey burger!

To cap off our day, we layed by the beach for another hour or so before heading home.

My day of pampering at the Four Seasons Palm Beach for the Four Seasons Spa Week was so incredible!  I have to thank the amazing PR representative Eveliny who was able to make all of this happen for me, as well as Betty and Michael Perez at the FSPB Spa, for being so gracious and accommodating.

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