One of my favorite makeup looks from my Vegas trip was the below selfie I snapped, amidst our rush to head out and enjoy our night.


I never really wear false lashes, as my lashes are long and full, so I can usually get some great additional length and deep black color with my favorite mascara (the only one I use, and under $8!). After trying out some false lashes this New Years Eve, and again for a wedding in February, I decided I wanted to learn to apply them so I can wear them from time to time for special occasions. Vegas was the perfect opportunity and setting for this.

I used MUA’s Glamour Volume Boosting Lash Kit. It comes with a uniquely angled lash placement tool, which really makes all the difference. I have tried to apply using tweezers before, but this tool makes for a much simpler application.63942803262I didn’t use the clear glue included in this kit, but instead, MUA’s Black Lash Adhesive glue. I prefer black glue, as it acts more like a liner as well, for a more bold look along the top lash line.


I carefully apply a thin layer of the glue directly to the faux lash adhesive line, and apply as closely as I can to my own natural lash line. I then grab the tool and help set the lash along my line, and hold for a few seconds until secure. I then also take the tool to add some extra pressure to the inner and outer corners of the faux lash line, as the edges usually don’t always stick right away when applying with my fingers. Sometimes I add another dot of glue to my lash line, and use the tool to apply pressure for extra security.

This was honestly the easiest faux lash application I have tried, after struggling in the past many times and giving up. I’m excited I finally found this adhesive and the application tool that work best for me, as these two things make ALL the difference in helping to apply. I can’t wait to experiment with some more styles of lashes!

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