Everyone, listen up! Old Navy is having a MAJ sale today, giving an ADDITIONAL 40% off (including clearance!). With my obsession of ClassPass classes, I am doing more workout classes than ever before, and I cannot keep up with the laundry! I am in desperate need of more workout gear, and I love Old Navy’s activewear. Here are some of the items I just snagged (note: the sale prices below are BEFORE the additional 40% off that you will get using code: YESPLEASE). I also couldn’t help but pick up a few more casual daytime pieces (shown in the last row).

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen my obsession about the workout craze that is taking over – barre. It’s a mix of ballet, pilates, strength training, and a bit of cardio (because it definitely gets your heart rate pumping). I was solely taking classes at a local barre studio, but it closed back in February, so I’ve been an active member of ClassPass (which is amazing, and you can read about it some more, here). You can take unlimited classes at multiple fitness studios in your city, and even other major cities when you travel! It’s not just barre, I take boot camp, pilates, cardio classes – there’s something for everyone! Obsessed with any combination of oats/greek yogurt/bananas/almond butter. I am loving BearNaked Protein Granola – it’s lower in carbs and sugar which is rare for granola, and high in protein! Not to anyone’s surprise, my smoothie is the one…

ClassPass has arrived in Orlando, and I couldn’t be happier! It’s an amazing and flexible way to be able to mix up your workout with unlimited classes and a wide variety of fitness studios in your city! You pay a monthly membership, and you have the ability to book an unlimited amount of classes at not only local fitness studios, but fitness studios in other ClassPass cities while traveling! Here’s a peek at just some of the selection of classes I could take this evening in the Orlando area: For a limited time, ClassPass is offering Orlando residents an incredible deal of trying out one week of unlimited classes for $10! You can find the deal here, and I’m convinced you’ll be back for more the monthly membership, which you can find here. ClassPass also has an amazing blog – full of posts that include talk about fashionable sneakers, healthy food myths, the funny…

I’m finally getting my butt back in the gym, and on a healthy eating routine so I can see some results and tone up! I love finding fun workout accessories to keep it exciting and of course, fashionable! Here are some options I found, which I hope will help keep your workouts exciting too (or get you motivated!).