I am so excited to be a part of the Aveeno/Recyclebank Ambassador Program. I am going to be bringing you exciting news and info on AVEENO’s newest initiatives and products.

First, I want to mention how incredible the Aveeno brand’s positioning and actions are. They really try and teach consumers about how to be the change, and they really inform the public about what can be done to literally make the world a better world to live in.

They have just launched an amazing Facebook campaign that I urge you all to take part in. Their “Be An Active Natural” campaign is all about encouraging you guys to take your first step towards a more beautiful Earth.

To take part in this campaign and be a part of the chance, the first step is to “Like” Aveeno on Facebook (which you probably already have, right 😉 ). Next, you will join Aveeno’s monthly “pledges” (don’t worry, there are no costs involved). These pledges are simply small actions you can take each month, which Aveeno will post on their Facebook page, to improve your habits to help create a better world (it could be to inform and educate someone on something, or make a small change to your daily routine to reduce energy or pollution). Your pledges will turn to points, which in turn can eventually be used to redeem prizes such as products, coupons, etc…
(P.S. – If you “Like” them, right now they have a $1 off coupon available)

Aveeno also has some very exciting events up their sleeve – one which launched today in NYC! Aveeno actually created a pop-up forest, smack in the middle of Times Square! The idea was to really educate the public about sustainability, and how they can contribute to the environment and make a positive impact. They also had pledging stations on-site, where people could jump-start their pledging process by joining the Facebook page and taking their pledge.

Here are a few pictures that Recyclebank shared with me from today’s successful event (since I am not in the NYC area, and was unfortunately unable to attend).

Head to their Facebook page to check out their current campaign and pledges, and keep an eye out for my future postings on Aveeno updates and goodies!

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